"Our mission is to bring exceptional value and solutions to governmental leaders, legislators, taxpayers, governmental service recipients and private sector companies who serve the public sector through our team of exceptional individuals that have a deep experience in government policies and regulation and a driving commitment to innovation and excellence."

The Stephen Group is a business and government consulting agency. We combine strategic government and private sector intelligence with a deep government and regulatory experience that offers our clients tactical and practical information that addresses their most critical challenges, transforms their enterprises and helps achieve extraordinary results.

Our Clients:

The Stephen Group clients face an ever changing public sector market, driven by complex governmental policies and regulations, producing uncertainties that may significantly impact decisions and value. Many of these uncertainties cannot be controlled, but armed with rich intelligence and knowledge assets, investors can be more accurately predict significant aspects of the present and future environment. We reject the notion that outside forces will determine the results. Instead, we embrace this chaotic and evolving environment and use our deep experience, knowledge assets and practical tactical advice to provide intelligence and rigorous analysis which will lead to extraordinary results. Our private-sector clients measure those results by achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and long lasting success in public and private markets impacted by evolving regulation. Our public-sector clients measure those results as significant improvements in efficiencies, quality of service, increased cost savings, and (ultimately) benefit to the taxpayer.

Our Team:

The Stephen Group maintains a dedicated government and business intelligence consulting team with years of experience working in and out of government, which provides comprehensive analytic services and strategic direction to our public and private sector clients. We help them to address their issues and make rigorous fact-based decisions. Then, where appropriate, we help them take action to achieve superior outcomes.

Our Services:

Government Solutions: The Stephen Group provides expert consulting services for state and local governments that range from cutting edge and reform-oriented health care policy to technical assistance with a number of state programs. We use our vast experience and knowledge at the highest levels of state government as well as the private sector to assist states in program development, management, informatics and strategic planning advice, management training, and health and social services reform. Our core competencies involve government efficiency and reform, project management, financial and analytical services, health and human services reform, organizational redesign and regulatory reform and offering innovative private sector solutions to government.

Private Sector Pathways: Our team has a proven track record in creating long lasting solutions which are innovative, drive change and ensure that organizations thrive and remain competitive. We have headed some of the largest organizations in the United States and know better than anyone how to utilize existing talent. Our team has a legacy and history of cutting edge innovation, expertise and excellence that creates value for any private sector organization looking to compete in a highly regulated government environment. We offer in-house expertise and advice in government services to companies looking to make an impact in the public or private sector, such as the health care, human services, public safety, information technology and workforce industry. We take pride in developing fact-based, thorough analysis that can inform better decisions and business outcomes. We also represent and counsel companies with existing government contracts or business to ensure that their work is showcased to the appropriate people, funding enhanced and relationships built.

Equity Development: We produce intelligent and strategic analysis for business, investors and private equity partners looking to compete, operate and/or grow in government or highly regulated markets. We help accelerate strategies, decisions, and positive outcomes for businesses and investors of all sizes through services in the following areas: due diligence, strategy, revenue growth, and profit improvement. Our team can quickly integrate with the client team, or work independently, to analyze the root issues and help devise innovative yet practical recommendations. We help clients in the areas of strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operational improvements, portfolio rationalization, and customer engagement in highly regulated public and private sector industries.

Our Value Add:

Our added client value proposition is the strategic advice and direction our clients receive from advisors who have demonstrated innovative leadership at the highest levels of government and who can anticipate and acknowledge the impact of the future regulatory arena. The Stephen Group’s value propositions are our government solutions experts that have served at the highest level of state service in a number of different departments and have delivered results in moving state social service programs to sustainable growth paths, while at the same time improving the quality of care and service delivery.

We believe that our clients’ success is our success.