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Using data, seeking knowledge

MindShare extends the depth and breadth of your business intelligence. Our methods liberate the facts within your data to bring to light deeper insights and action steps. We complement your existing reporting by adding a seamless layer of predictive and prescriptive analytics so you can see what’s likely to be next. We help you focus attention and resources where they are needed most, propelling you to make better decisions on behalf of the people you serve.

MindShare is a data science and technology company that understands the heart of your mission. We are focused on predictive analytics, that is, the technology tools and information that empower you to go further than the data. We are focused on helping you envision today what tomorrow is likely to hold.

MindShare’s approach

Since 2004, MindShare has been researching and implementing new ways of using technology to extract knowledge and insights from data, helping organizations like yours make the most of the systems you have. MindShare:

  • Navigates data across existing systems, across departments, databases and file systems – no matter their location or format
  • Uses structured and unstructured data
  • Weaves operationalized data into your daily business processes
  • Augments your existing data tools with advanced analytics – we do not replace your existing business intelligence
  • Prompts deeper insights from existing reports and dashboards
  • Complements your existing reporting by adding a seamless layer of predictive analytics
  • Helps you assimilate the technology throughout your team so it is available to more people on the devices they prefer, and so it is well-understood and used to its fullest potential
  • Expands the use of analytics beyond the back office and upper management

MindShare’s expertise

  • Child Welfare
  • Early Learning and Education
  • Behavioral Health
  • Case Management, Business Process Automation
  • MindShare’s services
  • Use of Big Data
  • Predictive Analytics
  • System Interoperability and Data Integration
  • Team Training
  • Hosting and Cloud Services
  • Consulting



iknow-logoIknow LLC is a premier business management, technology consulting and systems integration firm that designs and delivers end-to-end knowledge management solutions. Iknow works with its clients to solve complex, knowledge-intensive business problems. We help our clients:


  • Capture, save, and reuse intellectual assets,
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teams and business processes,
  • Improve the quality and speed of making decisions,
  • Enable innovation, and
  • Enhance their intelligence about external stakeholders.

Our solutions involve redesigning business and knowledge processes, reengineering work, realigning organizations, and implementing leading- edge software tools, systems, and platforms.



compassCompass Healthcare Advisors' mission is to Address Affordability in Healthcare across multiple constituencies: Member, Employer, Health Plan, Provider, Local/Federal Government.


  • Innovative program uses Financial Incentive Rewards to motivate and redirect members to lower-cost, high-quality locations
  • Supports healthcare reform and use of a Shared Decision Making model
  • Consumer-Centric approach that places the member as the main driving force in where to seek care. Compass seen as “trusted, independent third- party adviser”
  • Applies detailed, statistical rigor to build the True Episodic Cost of Services and then provides solid, Demonstrable Claims Savings Measurements
  • Designed to promote: Personal Responsibility, Choice, Transparency, Competition



etsETS helps people and organizations achieve their full potential. Core areas of focus are performance improvement, knowledge management, and community-based solutions.


Performance Improvement

ets improves organizational performance by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of corporations, government and not-for-profit organizations through the disciplined application of proven leadership and management approaches. Areas of emphasis include marketing, sales, business development and revenue generation, operational process efficiency, and customer service.

Knowledge Management

ets delivers leading edge organizational performance improvement materials and methods, including six sigma, process management, measurement systems, leadership, best practices, score cards, organizational assessments, surveys, and community building concepts via the Internet and blended approaches. Materials are designed for immediate application in the workplace.

Community-based Solutions

ets builds and strengthens communities by providing citizens access to services through ets Connections, and improves the efficiency of community resources by integrating fragmented service delivery networks.