Maine Cost Efficiency Analysis

In early 2013, TSG worked with the Maine Governor’s Office of Policy and Management’s in an attempt to meet its statutory obligation of finding additional budgeted savings for the FY 2013 and 2014 budget. TSG was asked to analyze department programs, interview department officials and review cost data, and analyze best practices to achieve approximately $30 Million in targeted savings initiatives. TSG developed a detailed report entitled “A Plan for Transparency and Accountability for Maine Services” that identified an estimated $30 Million in budget savings initiatives. The Governor’s Office of Policy and Management is using aspects of the plan in its attempts to fill a current budget hole without impacting direct programs. The savings initiatives related to enhanced fraud, waste and abuse detection, real time electronic identity and asset verification, Medicaid high cost chronic care coordination, Developmental Disability Waiver Management, Medicaid cost transparency and improvements in the welfare to work program.