We produce intelligent and strategic analysis for business, investors and private equity partners looking to compete, operate and/or grow in government or highly regulated markets. We help accelerate strategies, decisions, and positive outcomes for businesses and investors of all sizes through services in the following areas: due diligence, strategy, revenue growth, and profit improvement.

Our team can quickly integrate with the client team, or work independently, to analyze the root issues and help devise innovative yet practical recommendations. We help clients in the areas of strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operational improvements, portfolio rationalization, and customer engagement in highly regulated public and private sector industries.

We bring value through our experiences and extensive relationships with government agencies and department heads and have a reputation for responsiveness and integrity. We focus on business development and investment strategy.

Our investment strategy and analysis is guided by the following five principles:

  • Market insight and domain expertise
  • Experience in Private Equity opportunities
  • Disciplined investment process
  • Dedicated professionals focused strategy
  • Extensive use of outside advisors

We will strive to align management with business strategy, development and organizational design and we will bring a commitment to supporting management in strategy development, acquisitions, financing, and executive recruiting. SCG are dedicated professionals focused on portfolio company strategy development with access to a myriad of advisors with significant operating experience and long-standing relationships and partnerships in the industry. We believe this strategic advantage will bring value to any business or investor looking for the most competent strategies for growth.

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