The Stephen Group provides expert consulting services for state and local governments that range from cutting edge and reform-oriented health care policy to technical assistance with a number of state programs. We use our vast experience and knowledge at the highest levels of state government as well as the private sector to assist states in program development, management, informatics and strategic planning advice, management training, and health and social services reform. We also use our experience to bring innovative private sector solutions to government and help government agencies with cost effective solutions and programmatic efficiencies that provide value to taxpayers.

Our staff is committed to delivering results that meet our clients’ needs to improve the efficiency of these important state programs and provide relief from mounting program expenses. We are also committed to simultaneously enhancing service delivery for program beneficiaries while upgrading quality with definable benchmarks for outcomes.

Specific government solution services that The Stephen Group team has been involved with in the past include:

  • Organization Redesign
  • Process Efficiency and Project Management: Defining and refining project initiatives to drive business objectives and outcomes by conducting process improvement mapping sessions, documenting Current State/As-Is and Future State/To-Be models, defining functional and technical requirements, and describing “day in the life of” of front line service delivery workers to find opportunities arising from errors, delays, systems, training, and other sources.
  • Facilitating the organization’s vision and broader strategies into concrete, specific, and interlinked project definitions, including defining the critical success factors, systems architecture and a high level project planning roadmap for achieving vision and objectives.
  • Health and Human Services Reform: Our staff has delivered results in transforming Medicaid programs for states. This has resulted in innovative and groundbreaking steps forward for Medicaid by enhancing flexibility and streamlining service delivery systems. Our experts will work with clients to develop change initiatives and implementation strategies to reshape Medicaid. We construct a dashboard to track qualitative outcomes and design quantifiable metrics for performance based program management. We use our experience with federal partners and proven negotiating strategies to develop and attain approval for Medicaid waivers. These waivers help meet our clients’ goals with our knowledge of financing, crafting terms and conditions, identifying opportunities for Costs Not Otherwise Matched (CNOM) presently. Finally, we work with clients to construct effective communication strategies to express the importance of public notice and involvement.
  • Other examples include:
    • Studies and Analysis of Health Care Delivery Systems
    • Design of Managed Care and Integrated Health Systems
    • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Policy/Program Development
    • Health Care Technology Strategies
    • Long Term Care reform
  • Stakeholder Facilitation: Assisting with directing teams of internal and external stakeholders to facilitate sessions that will drive broader strategies to specific actionable recommendations and initiatives, including communicating that direction to stakeholders.
  • Project Management: Create uniform project management procedures and protocols and if desired, establish project management office on site [PMO].
  • Budget Analysis
  • Unemployment Insurance Assessment Reform
  • Child Welfare Transformation
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Management Training and Design: Assisting with reviewing, defining, and refining operational performance measures and management controls and management control/reporting systems
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Public Health and Planning, including disaster preparedness strategies and programs
  • Workforce Development and Welfare to Work
  • Smart and Competitive Purchasing
  • Business Process Re-engineering: Aligning business processes with goals and objectives
  • Food and Nutritional Services and Reform
  • Modernization
  • Regulatory Reform

Excellence in functional disciplines can make or break an organization's ability to keep up with the pace of change. From project management to strategy to operations, The Stephen Group is committed to helping state and local governments achieve extraordinary results, build their functional skills and boost performance for the short and long term.

Experience: Our team has over 30 years of experience working with state governments addressing many of their most pressing issues. We have helped states address and capture improvements that have a cumulative value of more than $1 billion and that have dramatically changed the culture of state agencies.

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