Our team has a proven track record in creating long lasting solutions that are innovative, drive change and ensure that organizations thrive and remain competitive. We have headed some of the largest organizations in the United States and know better than anyone how to utilize existing talent. Our team has a legacy and history of cutting edge innovation, expertise and excellence that it will impart to your operation and organization to make it shine.

Deep experience and expertise

We offer in-house expertise and advice in government services to companies looking to make an impact in the public or private sector, such as the health care, human services, public safety, information technology and workforce industry. We take pride in developing fact-based, thorough analysis that can inform better decisions and business outcomes. To efficiently focus the analytics, we leverage clients’ knowledge and data where appropriate, combining it with our own primary research. We believe that analysis must be pragmatic, serving to provide highly specific, actionable recommendations for our private sector clients looking to engage in a highly regulatory climate.

We provide dynamic government solutions services to private industry and non-profits interested in pursuing opportunities in the federal, state, local and non-profit sectors with the ways and means to secure new ventures in the vast market of government business. We also represent and counsel companies with existing government contracts or business to ensure that their work is showcased to the appropriate people, funding enhanced and relationships built.

We provide cutting edge and reform-oriented health care and human services policy, technical assistance, policy and program development, management, informatics and strategic planning advice, management training, and health care studies and analytical support to local, national and international organizations in both the public and private sectors.

We are the only team that is known as change agents and have a track record to prove it. We guarantee that any engagement with our team will dynamically reform your agency, business or operation and showcase your products and programs to the widest and most appropriate audiences available.

Our lean teams allow us to shift course quickly as the circumstances change. Adapting to the client’s preferred working style, we can integrate closely with a client team or execute the work on our own. In all cases, regular communication ensures that our efforts are directed to the client’s highest priorities.

Clients appreciate that we go the extra mile for them, in our working relationship and our fee structure. We’re willing to develop incentive arrangements or even invest our own capital when appropriate.

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