Richard has served in the health and human services positions of Commissioner, Deputy, or Director in the states of Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Washington beginning in 1994 through 2011. Richard’s scope of responsibility has included medical and pharmacy services, mental health and substance abuse service systems, psychiatric hospitals and developmental residential programs, developmental/intellectual disabilities community based services and support systems, and long-term care services systems. Prior to beginning his career in state government Richard was a successful CEO of local government and private sector organizations charged with managing and delivering comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, developmental/intellectual disabilities and long term care services inclusive of community based and inpatient modalities.

Richard provided leadership to the successful resolution of several Department of Justice lawsuits involving CRIPA/ADA/Olmstead within state psychiatric hospitals and developmental residential centers as well as EPSDT litigation while serving as a state government Commissioner/Director. He is an expert witness in matters directly related to the protection and treatment of state psychiatric hospital patients and residents of state developmental centers and community based systems.

Richard helped lead the development of a comprehensive plan addressing CMS waiver concerns and on-going Department of Justice litigation for Tennessee’s system of care for people with developmental/intellectual disabilities. While working in New Hampshire Richard helped guide the state through a transformative Medicaid Waiver process that rebalanced long term care, transformed the state’s long term care system to a community based first option, and improved the state’s Medicaid medical services program and mental health systems.

Most recently Richard served the $8 billion dollar Washington State Department of Social and Health Services as Director of Integrated Health Services, reporting directly to the Secretary. In this capacity Richard was responsible for advising on all aspects of national health reform and was a member of the Governor’s Sub-Cabinet on Health Care Reform. Richard earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Vermont and engaged in advanced study at Dartmouth and Harvard. He has taught at the university level and been integrally involved with related subject matters at the University of Virginia and the University of Washington.

Richard Kellogg is a subject matter expert at The Stephen Group. Since joining The Stephen Group Richard has served as co-lead for the comprehensive “South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Strategic Vision/Plan for Rebalancing Long Term Care” Project, including Medicaid and Medicare models of integration, and participated in several projects on behalf of medical and behavioral health plans and private equity groups.