Ziv’s initial experience with the medical industry was gained through his father’s company, TEI, which was at the forefront of helping caregivers convert their paper files into the digital health records we take for granted today.  The company provided a “one-stop-shop” to physicians who converted their practices to operating in the digital world, including customized hardware, software, training, and ongoing support to their entire staff.  Following Ziv’s graduation from The University of North Texas, and his proven track record in B2B sales, he was actively recruited by NewMed, a medical hardware manufacturer who’s cardiovascular devices would now be described as “plug-and-play.”  The unique selling point of the NewMed device eco-system was its automated and results-driven patient reporting system.  Most recently, Ziv has had the privilege of working on State-level Medicaid and Medicare RFP’s for six US states.  In spite of his relatively short time in the field, Ziv was chosen as the lead writer and editor for an RFP response addressing the “first in the USA” Closed Loop Referral System.  The proposed system is designed to help Medicaid managed care Members and their health providers manage their social determinants of health.

Ziv attributes his personal and business success to an unusually fortunate upbringing by unlikely entrepreneurs, formal and informal international education, intense cross-industry experience through some of the most volatile markets in recent history, a “can do” attitude, endless energy, and a relentless work ethic.  Ziv parlayed his early financial earnings into diverse opportunities to work in challenging environments.  While earning a law degree, he raised venture capital for a legal web project that employed his fellow students and was utilized by his law professors.  Following law school, Ziv designed, promoted, and delivered record-setting sporting and music events in the USA and Canada.

Following his parents’ and grandparents’ examples, Ziv relishes the opportunity to use his personal and professional connections in order to improve lives.  To that end, he supported the US SBA’s effort to rebuild homes after the unusually destructive hurricane season of 2017.  By the time his service was complete, Ziv disbursed millions of dollars in federally guaranteed loans to citizens of California, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Texas, The US Virgin Islands, and Wisconsin.

Ziv holds a JD from St. Mary’s University School of Law and a BA in Literature; Minor in Political Science from the University of North Texas