The Carroll County Local Board of Health retained The Stephen Group to conduct a formal review and assessment of county-funded public health services.  This assessment includes examining current operations as well as a best practice review and recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the county’s public health capabilities, including a review of public health policies at the federal, state and county levels, an examination of national data and best practices, and numerous meetings with individuals within Carroll County and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).

The community health needs assessment is the second phase of the project. TSG will utilize a variety of data sources that are both quantitative and qualitative. These will include local data that is tracked and monitored by the Carroll County Board of Health and its departments as well as other state and national data points. In addition, TSG will convene focus groups and create surveys to solicit information from residents.  Key leader interviews will also be conducted with various community leaders, including those involved in public-sector work, as well as key leaders who spearhead non-profit health care work in the community.